Shopping in China using the largest wholesale platform 1688?

Yes, 1688 is where the sellers from Aliexpress, Taobao, Alibaba, etc.  buy their products from and it is the source of most goods in the world.
1688 is a portal dedicated only to the Chinese market and therefore has some limitations:

Sellers do not send goods outside of China.

Only Chinese payments are accepted.

You must have a legally registered company in China.

Most sellers only speak Chinese.

With HaloFuture, all restrictions mentioned above do not apply to you.
We are a legally registered company that has been operating on the Chinese market for many years.


How much does it cost and what is included?

We charge 10% commission on the purchase prices we get from manufacturers or suppliers from 1688.
We realize only wholesale orders with a
minimum value of 10 000 CNY ~ 1 500 USD

What we offer:

Price negotiations with suppliers and producers.

Verification of goods according to the requirements set by you. Explanation of defects and nonconformities.

Storage of the goods in our warehouse until the order is completed and shipped from China.

Verification of required types of certificates given by the importer.

Consolidation and possible repacking of ordered goods in order to obtain the optimal shipping cost.

We can combine your goods from multiple vendors into one shipment.

Assistance with the organization of air, rail or sea transport.


How to buy products on 1688?

In short: search, choose and order :-)
You do not even have to register on 1688.

We are the first to create a tool that allows you to order directly on the site 1688.com

To do this, you need the Google Chrome browser and our add-on which can be found here: HaloFuture 1688

The plugin itself will automatically add 10% to the price of the product as our commission, so you automatically see the converted amounts in your preferred currency.

Chrome has a built-in translator, which will help  you to effectively  use the portal.


What next after an order?


Additional information

We only provide transport services for the products bought using our service.

We do not deal with fake copies and goods that break copyright.

We do not handle shipment of food ,batteries ,highly magnetic ,liquid, toxic, explosive and other dangerous products.


China (UTC +8)
+86 137 251 567 80 (speaking languages: english and chinese)
E-mail : office@halofuture.com

WeChat ID : 13725156780


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